Stabilizing the Crypto
Exchange Landscape

Crypto Exchange Alliance seeks to build a self-regulatory platform that enables
trust and transparency by vastly improving current crypto exchange market issues.

What is CEA?

Crypto Exchange Alliance democratizes the exchange space by providing liquidity and transparency through building and offering the following products to our exchange members:

Cross Exchange Order Matching Engine

A multi collateral and exponentially scalable liquidity solution for all member exchanges.

Universal Exchange Application Program Interface (UEAPI)

 Exchange data platforms can integrate CEA’s Universal API in order to access data from all exchanges in the alliance.

Trusted and Transparent Certified Project

CEA Board of Advisers define a set of best practices and standards that are followed by each CEA member in order to be Trusted and Transparent Certified.

The CEA Ecosystem


A Global Cross Exchange Order Matching Engine

CEA’s cross-exchange order matching engine is aimed to increase liquidity across CEA Member exchanges. A robust technical architecture enables the optimal execution of transactions.

  • Optimal order matching via a Universal Orderbook that increases volume across exchanges.
  • Auto-execution of orders on the network of exchanges keeping accounts payable and receivable on the distributed ledger.

Universal API

CEA’s Universal API is for DAPPs, Web APPs, Data Miners, and Platforms to gain access to all exchange data in the alliance.

CEA members plug their native APIs into CEA’s Universal API allowing their data to be seamlessly aggregated and listed to external platforms for data usage. The Universal API saves both CEA members and external platforms time, resources, and costs, resulting in increased visibility, traffic, and customers.

Trusted and Transparent Certified Project

CEA’s Trusted and Transparency Certified Project allows CEA participants to submit their exchanges to be evaluated against CEA’s self regulatory Global Board of Advisors.

Participants must demonstrate that their exchanges meet specific criteria surrounding Licensing, Customer Due Diligence, AML, Sanctions, SPF/PEP, Jurisdiction, Media, and more. Exchanges that demonstrate their approved status in accordance with the certification become Verified and use the Trusted and Transparent Certified mark.



In our efforts to democratize and legitimize the exchange space, CEA intends to help traders & industry professionals quickly identify exchanges that are more secure, trusted, and transparent. is a one-stop global resource for industry participants and professionals to consume comprehensive exchange data in order to make better decisions.

Platform Features

  • Performance
  • Exchange Customer Reviews
  • Features & Functionalities
  • Technical Specifications
  • Security & Risk Management
  • Exchange Token Listings
  • Legal, Licensing, and Sanctions
  • Research & Development
  • Incubation & Acceleration
  • Media & Marketing
  • Team Audits
  • Security Token Exchanges 


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